Building a Website

I’m working on the website for Numerly. Many App Store apps don’t have complicated sites and really only exist to serve as a place for users to get support contact information.

With Numerly, the website needs to be a bit more. In addition to support and legal information, I’m moving the blog, adding an ideas page, and hosting documentation for the API.

The blog is currently hosted on WordPress which does a great job; however, I’d like to keep the same visual consistency across the whole site. I think it’s possible to do this with WordPress, but I’m not an experienced WordPress user and I need to pick my battles.

The ideas page will be a nice area which provides some examples of numbers that users might be able to add to their own dashboard. New users will most likely need some help thinking of useful ways to use Numerly. This page will help kickstart creativity.

API documentation might be useless and boring to many; however, to the maker community it’s the sweet nectar of IoT. Using the Numerly API is extremely easy and versatile by design which many makers are going to appreciate.

Designing, building, and hosting the website might take a couple weeks to finalize, so please keep following this blog for further updates.


2 thoughts on “Building a Website

  1. Awesome! It’s been awesome following along as you took an idea and worked on it consistently to bring it to fruition. Major props to you for making this happen.


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