What numbers will you track?

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I installed Numerly on my wife’s phone over the weekend. She likes the app; however, she had a hard time thinking of numbers to put on her dashboard. I feel like many people might fall into her same thinking, so I’d like to take some time to write down some ideas for numbers. Below is a list of numbers that might be good for your dashboard. Please feel free to contribute more in the comments section.

Number Ideas

  • The temperature of a room in your house (API + Arduino)
  • The number of astronauts in space (API, until an official Numerly channel)
  • Today’s high temperature (API + IFTTT + Weather Underground)
  • Today’s low temperature (API + IFTTT + Weather Underground)
  • The days until Game of Thrones returns (Countdown)
  • Today’s UV index (API + IFTTT + Weather Underground)
  • Days since last oil change (Countdown)
  • Days since last car maintenance (Countdown)
  • The days until a holiday (Countdown)
  • The days until someone’s birthday (Countdown)
  • The days until a vacation (Countdown)
  • The days since you changed the fridge filter (Countdown)
  • Cash flow (Google Sheets)
  • The days until an anniversary (Countdown)
  • Number of sales (Google Sheets)
  • How many miles you ran this week/month/year (Create Your Own; tracked manually)
  • The days until a movie is released (Countdown)
  • The days since your last bad habit (Countdown)
  • Your child’s current allowance (Create Your Own)

This is just the tip of the iceberg. As I was writing this list, the ideas just kept coming and coming. It also gave me some ideas for other channels that Numerly can support in the future. I’m excited to see the potential of Numerly, and I can’t wait to create a bunch of channels for everyone to enjoy. I have some great ideas for channels like Fitbit, Nest thermostat, and many more. I also want to integrate with the Apple Watch. I guess I might have an excuse to actually buy one now. 😉


One thought on “What numbers will you track?

  1. Estimated fuel range is a number I track. Exchange rates too. Did you mention people’s birthdays?

    I monitor most of my numbers in Google Sheets already. If you have a Sheets channel at launch it will be super easy to port all of them from there. Also that give all users an easy way to hook Numerly into IFTTT since numbers in Google Sheets can be updated by IFTTT already.


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