Following Numbers

In January, I talked about making a minimum viable product or MVP. This post included an excellent picture that explains this idea wonderfully. I’ve included it below again so you don’t have to go find it.


For instance, if a user asked for something to drive, then you’d want to give them the simplest possible product. Some users might only want a skateboard, but you just took 3 years to build a car instead of building a skateboard over a weekend. Other users might actually want the car, but at least you can give them drivable products several times over 3 years until they eventually get a car.

I see Numerly following MVP, and one of the features I’ve decided not to develop in the first release is the ability to follow other people’s numbers. I’m not saying that this feature will never make it into Numerly. What I’m saying is just not right now.

There are many other features that Numerly provides that I can’t wait to get into your hands. Manually incremented numbers, Google Sheets integration, days-until countdowns, a public API (which allows IFTTT integration), etc. These are features I think you’ll love like I do.

I also think the Maker community will appreciate these features too. Just imagine hacking together a prototype that takes the temperature of your pool, and then calls Numerly to set a number on your own Dashboard. You’d be able to check your pool temperature from anywhere!


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