IFTTT and the API

IFTTT is an amazing tool which allows it’s users to create scenarios when things happen in one service, then something is triggered in another. This sounds very generic but that’s the beauty. For example, IFTTT lets you connect Weather Underground with your phone to text you the weather forecast. Or, connect your Facebook profile picture with your Twitter profile picture by triggering a Twitter profile picture change when you change your Facebook profile picture. The possibilities are endless!

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However, there’s a downside to services that want to officially partner with IFTTT. The downside is that services are charged $199 a month to become an integrated partner. It’s probably a good price-point for established businesses; however, it’s a tough pill to swallow for startups. It would be fantastic if startups could catch a break by getting a cheaper rate, but I also understand that might open the floodgates and potentially litter the service catalog.

I’d like to officially partner with IFTTT, but for now the cost is too high. However, hope is still not lost. IFTTT does publish a type of channel called the Maker channel. This channel allows users to trigger API calls to other services, but you have to do it manually. This is a pretty nice middle ground to allow users of IFTTT to use APIs from startups without littering the IFTTT service catalog.

As a result, you’ll be able to update your numbers in Numerly using the IFTTT Maker channel from day one. This opens a whole world of possibilities. What numbers will you track?


One thought on “IFTTT and the API

  1. WOW! $199 PER MONTH

    Whew, no wonder Launch Center Pro ducked out of that huge overhead.

    I don’t know how the Maker channel works on IFTTT, will have to investigate this. (Especially given I am a most viewed writer about IFTTT on Quora!)


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