Numerly + Google Sheets + IFTTT

I believe one of the most important channels for Numerly is the Google Sheets channel. Google Sheets is such a versatile tool, and showing a cell value from a sheet can actually bridge gaps where Numerly might not have an official channel. Here’s a neat trick that I found which I’d like to share.

If you’re already a user of IFTTT, then you’ll know how powerful it can be. If you’re not already a user, then I highly suggest you sign up and start automating some of your life.


I setup an Applet in IFTTT to add a row to a given spreadsheet with the day’s date and current temperature. Then, I added the formula below to a different cell which grabs the latest value from column B.


Here’s a screenshot to illustrate a few days worth of data from IFTTT.

Cell F1 uses a formula to grab the latest value from column B


With Numerly + Google Sheets + IFTTT, you’ll be able to place the value from cell F1 onto your Dashboard to display today’s forecasted high temperature.

Note that the Weather Underground service in IFTTT has many other triggers and ingredients to use so you don’t have to limit yourself to just the high temperature. You could set up separate items on your Numerly dashboard for high temperature, low temperature, UV index, humidity, wind speed, pollen count, etc.

How cool is that?


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