Past the leaks

I’m finally making good progress again since I discovered and worked around the memory leaks from last week. Whew!

Currently, the numbers shown from the last screenshot are mocked up in the database directly. Now, I’m working on the next screen from the Dashboard where you’ll be able to add a new number using the app itself. This screen is probably going to be the most complex part of the application due to the dynamic nature of configuring numbers which are from many sources. I presume I’ll be working on this particular screen for awhile.

The way it’ll work is very similar to the iOS Calendar app when creating a new event. You’ll have to pick a channel, enter a title and subtitle, pick a format, background color, background image, mark whether or not the number should be private and a few other fields depending on the channel you chose.

Soon, I hope to be able to share a screenshot of this particular screen too, but for now I’m going to keep plugging away until it looks somewhat respectable.


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