I read a good article a few weeks ago about how App Store developers should release as early as possible, and then continue to make updates over time.

I’ve known about this concept for some time and it’s called Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Some people don’t care for this term because it’s been over used, but I still think it’s a great guiding principle for software. It’s good to be reminded of this principle to keep focus on what matters the most…a working piece of software. Below is a picture to summarize this idea.


Last week, I experienced a few moments of development where I was going too far down the rabbit hole. I found myself caring a little too much about the graphical interface at the sacrifice of making more progress towards working software.

As a result, this week’s focus will be on working software. Also, I’m interested to hear from you about what is minimally needed for the first release.


One thought on “MVP

  1. That’s rad. I’ve heard of MVP before, as well. And, similarly, have struggled with focusing on the right things at the beginning of projects. That picture illustrates it wonderfully.

    Not being an experienced user of the previous software, I’d be interested to hear from those that were, regarding what is minimally needed for the first release. For a first release, I would like to see the option to set and track a handful of numbers, with automatic count up and down (date-related), and simple counting via user input. External sources, IFTTT, etc. could come in a future release.


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