I’ll bet that most people take for granted how smooth most apps work. I know I did before I started iOS development. Modern mobile devices have plenty of horsepower, but it’s still nowhere near a desktop or laptop computer.

Mobile developers are always trying to find ways to optimize the performance of an app. Apple certainly does offer excellent tools and guidance on how to maintain responsiveness, but there are many ways to accomplish the same or a similar task.

This week, I’ve started to put those tools and techniques to good use making the Numerly user interface responsive. I’m developing the primary dashboard screen which shows all the numbers in a grid-like fashion, and I’m focusing on creating clean code so that I can support channels in the best way possible. I might be able to show a draft screenshot in the very near future.

I’ve also spent some time thinking about the pricing model, and I’m 90% sure that I won’t charge a monthly fee. It just doesn’t seem like many people would adopt Numerly with a subscription fee in place.

Now, back to work…


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