The beginning

I used to enjoy an iOS app named Numerous. It would allow me to track numbers of all sorts. From the current gas price to the number-of-astronauts in space. I was also able to create my own numbers for my son’s allowance, and I would use its programmatic API to set numbers from inputs on an Arduino board. It was great!

That is…until the company that owned the application decided to shut down. After this news, the community tried to help by offering to pay a subscription to keep the app running. They even went so far as to create a poll in Google Sheets to show how many people would pay and the amount they’d be willing to spend.

Ultimately, it didn’t keep Numerous from shutting down.

As a result, I’ve started an effort to fill this gap by creating an app of my own named Numerly. I’ve thought long and hard about this, and about which tools I’d use to keep costs down and yet keep the quality of service high.

Numerly is very much in its early infancy at this point, but I’m continuing to add code each day and I hope to have a working prototype very soon.

I’d like to get this published on the App Store as early as possible and continue to add features through updates suggested by the community (this means you!).

I’m planning to add new posts regularly to this blog to keep you up-to-date with my development and to also get your opinions on various things. I really want to build a relationship with the community so that I can deliver the exact product you want.

Please leave comments as much as you like. It’ll help encourage me, and it will be a great way for us to decide things together.

Will you help me?


10 thoughts on “The beginning

      1. As far as I can tell, it looks like becoming involves (at least) having an API that supports OAuth 2.0 and paying $199/month (billed annually). Maker channel functionality is a great option for becoming IFTTT-able much sooner 🙂

        There is another option with IFTTT launching “in the coming months.” It will be “a new tier of our partner platform that any individual can use.” You can sign up for an invite at


      2. Ouch. $199 a month is expensive. But, I guess everyone, and their brother, would be setting up a native integration just for the advertising if it were free. Another option might be I’ve been thinking about switching over to Zapier from IFTTT anyway since their new “applet” redesign.


      3. Ahh, yes. Zapier could be a good option, as well. I remember I initially didn’t like when apps were only supported on Zapier and not IFTTT. That effect has diminished since then, though 🙂


  1. Cody, I’m excited you’re doing this! I’m only a beginning programmer but I’m definitely interested in helping, whether that be through organization, documentation, or just a soundboard.

    In addition, I’d be happy to host (HostGator) until there’d be a need for something more robust.

    Feel free to contact me on twitter or via e-mail (andyconlin at gmail) if you want to talk more (or we can just discuss here in the comments).

    Best wishes!



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